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Loose Nib On My Safari

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Nibs and feeds (Lamy's at least) are not designed to be constantly removed! They rely on friction to stay in place. Constant removal of the pieces causes wear and looseness.


I second that.


I never remove any of my Lamy nibs from their feeds.


I buy my pens with my preferred nib size and leave each nib on its feed, all the time, even when it is time for cleaning or, before an ink change.


If one wants to experiment with different nib sizes, one can buy standard colors Safari, Al Star and Vista in each nib size then switch the feeds from one pen to another for line variation.


Lamy Joy can be bought as sets with different calligraphy nibs.

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Lamy quality control is spotty at best. I've hoarded a collection of nearly 30 pens. Of them, all had different tolerances for the nibs, some were pretty tight, some loose, some had the feed came off alongside the nib.


So too for writing qualities. Some are smooth as butter, some not so much -worst offender so far, a B nib of all sizes! Most wrote well the first time, a few needed fiddling/ tweaking feeds or nibs.


Chinese pens costing less than half as much have a much better consistency than Lamy does. And I really don't like Chinese pens!

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