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Help Identifying This Waterman Lever-Filler, Please


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I've had this elegant Waterman pen for at least the last six years. It worked fine when I received it, but I have recently had to replace the sac. As you can see from the writing sample, the pen is working perfectly again.


I have no idea of the model. This didn't bother me when I got it, but it does now.

I've been unable to find any clues online. A look at the family photo on the Raven's March Fountain Pens website tells me that it might have been inspired by the Citation and Conquest models, and it looks very 'space age' to me (could fit into the Atomium in Brussels). So I'd guess it is a 1950s pen. But I'm an ignoramus when it comes to Waterman pens, and even that could be wrong.


I'm pretty sure it's made of plastic. The ring, clip and lever are silver-coloured. The nib is marked "Waterman's" and "18Cts". There is also what looks like the top half of a "7" at the back of the nib where it disappears into the section. The barrel is marked "Waterman's" and "Made in France" across two lines. This is just about visible, but I was unable to take a photo of the barrel markings.


Guidance gladly given gratefully received! Here are some photos (apologies for the poor quality).



























--- END OF POST ---

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Rather surprised no-one has pitched in on this one. Let me point you to this post. Generally they get referred to as "New Look", but the advert hiding behind the Photobucket watermark definitely suggests Waterman themselves referred to them by numbers. I have one with gold trim and it is the most beautifully smooth, firm writer. And I love its looks, including its nib-in-a-polo-neck appearance.


Cheers, Al

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Thanks grainweevil, I'd come across this model a few times and wondered the same thing. From the illustration in that post the model numbers are:


Short with a lever: 4852V, in black, mahogany, tropic green, gold trim.

Long with a lever: 4853, in black, gold or silver trim, mahogany, tropic green, gold trim.

Long with a cartridge: 4823, in black, gold or silver trim, mahogany, gold trim.


So stephanos' pen seems to be a 4853. I even found that poster for sale on ebay.fr...

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It’s called in France « standard » very popular 2 size and 2 versions glass cardriges and lever filler in dark blue forest Green black grey maroon. Very good daily pen.

Sorry for my bad English but I write from France and frenchs are not so good in foreign language

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Thank you very much, all. So, it's a Model 4853, also known as "standard".

I am certainly enjoying writing with it again, now that I've replaced the sac.

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