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Montblanc Meisterstück Le Petit Prince Special Edition 146 Petit Prince And Planet Ef

Tom Kellie

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WOW, I find that pen to be absolutely beautiful! Happy to hear you are healthy Tom and congratulations on that new purchase. Enjoy it and be well.

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Tom--So glad to see you back on FPN, even if indirectly, especially with these beautiful photos. It is easy to see why you couldn't resist them!

Rationalizing pen and ink purchases since 1967.

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What a treat to see a post from you!


As your wonderful photographs confirm, this special edition pen is exactly to my taste, though it is also regrettably not within my modest budget in these uncertain times.

-- Joel -- "I collect expensive and time-consuming hobbies."


INK (noun): A villainous compound of tannogallate of iron, gum-arabic and water,

chiefly used to facilitate the infection of idiocy and promote intellectual crime.

(from The Devil's Dictionary, by Ambrose Bierce)

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~ After hours of writing with the first Montblanc fountain pen I’ve acquired since 2018, There’s a strong feeling of satisfaction in using an exceptionally well-crafted writing tool.

Forget about the EF nib (by far the best one I’ve ever had from Montblanc)…forget about the Le Petit Prince theme…forget about the burgundy red color…forget about the 146 size…forget about the ink window…forget about the attractive design with a smooth ‘break’ for a comfortable grip.

The new Meisterstück Special Edition 146 Petit Prince and Planet fountain pen is a spectacular daily writer for one compelling reason.

The inclusion of a champagne gold metal piston knob.

Were it possible, I’d love to host all FPN Montblanc Forum friends at a Montblanc boutique so that they each might enjoy the experience of holding this pen and writing with it.

I wouldn’t really be overly concerned whether or not everyone liked the looks or the 146 size. That’s all a major plus, yet that’s not what has stood out as this model’s great feature.

I’d want you to feel the exquisite weight and balance. As all of you are long-experienced in writing and sketching with fountain pens, I’m confident that you’d immediately recognize how special this model is.

Placing a metal piston knob on a resin pen may seem counter-intuitive or even a tad kooky, but in practice it’s wildly effective.

That additional metallic mass in the back, which is definitely there yet not at all excessive, becomes a welcome physical force when the pen is used with nib angled down, effectively propelling the pen nib forward thereby reducing the work of the fingers.

Those of us who do long stretches of actual writing on paper benefit from such deft engineering. I did a blind test of ten inked pens on my writing desk. This pen was by far the most comfortable in the fingers upon picking it up.

I’m not promoting it, but rather sharing my delight with all of you, because it’s such an unexpected surprise to write with a fountain pen designed with the writer’s comfort in mind.

Below is an image photographed outside at 7 am this morning, showing the uncapped pen, a Staedtler marker for size comparison, and the French language lesson which I’m preparing, using the superb EF nib.
Tom K.
Preparing a French Lesson
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Lovely report. Thanks. It sounds wonderful. Thats how I like to judge a pen too, by the joy of writing.

Edited by Joane

Happiness is a real Montblanc...

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Tom--it's wonderful to see you back on FPN with your terrific photos and thoughtful posts. I'm very happy to know that you're well and enjoying that lovely new MB pen! Stay well and keep enjoying that new gorgeous pen. I must say you've certainly whetted my appetite for one of these!

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Chiming in with others who are happy to see you posting here, Tom.



Fantastic photos. I like this version more than the first, blue one. Super good looks!


etherX in To Miasto

Fleekair <--French accent.

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Tom, thank you for such a wonderful story of finding a pen that was meant for you. The photos are much better than any I have seen so far in marketing materials. Please, keep them coming!

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Le Petit Prince et Sa Planète Avec Une Capucine Orange

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What a wonderful addition to your collection! It looks wonderful and is certainly a contender for my next Montblanc purchase.

"Today will be gone in less than 24 hours. When it is gone, it is gone. Be wise, but enjoy! - anonymous today




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Le Petit Prince Avec Des Encres Herbin


Color Comparison


Uncapped and Inked for Use


French Connection


Golden Highlights


Montblanc Patron of Art Marquise de Pompadour and Montblanc Special Edition 146 Petit Prince and Planet


Three Recent Fountain Pens In Red


Platinum 3776 Century Carnelian SF — Pelikan M205 Star Ruby BB — Montblanc 146 Petit Prince and Planet EF

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Elegant Pair


Takeda Jimuki Moonlight of Higashiyama Ink

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Lovely to have your posts again, Tom, and many thanks to your friend who has enabled this.


You have provided the perfect review of this model, much appreciated. The only feature I’m not entirely smitten with is the nib engraving .... but having spent the past week clearing a patch for a wildflower garden, I think it could grow on me! Otherwise it looks utterly gorgeous.


Congratulations on your purchase - and I enjoyed your tale of how it happened. Merci beaucoup!

I chose my user name years ago - I have no links to BBS pens (other than owning one!)

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Fritz Schimpf

Today we have received our first delivery of the wonderful Petit Prince and Planet pens and finally

could compare the colour of the pens with an old Montblanc Generation fountain pen in burgundy.


The colour is quite similar, but the new Petit Prince and Planet pens are of a darker shade of burgundy.















Sadly we are not as skilled in taking photographs as many others in this forum...




Fritz Schimpf

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I’m frequently tempted by vintage MB pens, but never by new ones. Until now... Great review, pleasant to read and informative, good photography! Thank you.


A question: judging from the close-up images of the nib it would appear to be an architect nib (which MB seems to do with its EF nibs): the tip of the nib seems to rise up and the contact area appears to be narrow on downstrokes and wider on sidestrokes. However in the writing samples I cannot detect any difference between sidestrokes and downstrokes and it would appear to be a typical western EF. So what kind of nib grind is it?

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... an architect nib (which MB seems to do with its EF nibs): the tip of the nib seems to rise up and the contact area appears to be narrow on downstrokes and wider on sidestrokes. ...


moved my response into a thread of its own:


Edited by sebastel23
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