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Montblanc Meisterstück Le Petit Prince Special Edition 146 Petit Prince And Planet Ef

Tom Kellie

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Montblanc Meisterstück Le Petit Prince Special Edition 146 Petit Prince and Planet EF

Je suis un jardinier

~ For several months Fountain Pen Network has been unavailable in the area where I work and live.

In order to post this thread with images, it has been necessary to send them to a trusted friend in Africa, who has logged into FPN as me.
After he uploads this post, I'm uncertain if I'll be able to see it or see any comments posted because FPN remains inaccessible here.
On an overcast afternoon of intense rain, which was the Qingming (Tomb Sweeping) National Holiday, I visited the Montblanc boutique in downtown Shenzhen’s MixC.
My purpose was to inquire about the two recently released Special Edition inks which I’d noticed on the Montblanc China Web site.
While in the boutique I was told that both inks had arrived two days ago, selling out that very day.
The sales staff graciously sold me their last remaining bottle of one ink, assuring me that the other ink would be restocked next month.

Immediately upon walking in the entrance I saw in front of me the newly released Montblanc Meisterstück Le Petit Prince Special Edition 146 Petit Prince and Planet.
I’d been interested in that particular model after spotting it on the Montblanc China Web site. The prominent ink windows were a feature of high interest.

I asked to see and hold the pen. The pen’s solid mass appealed to me, because heft in a smaller fountain pen adds momentum to my cursive handwriting.
When looking at the pen’s photos on the Internet, I’d wondered if the golden piston knob might be off-putting. Handling the pen in the boutique, I found that the golden piston knob adds balance.
Marketing materials have described this model as being burgundy red resin with champagne gold fittings. That seems to be fairly accurate to my old eyes.
As it happens, I’m a lifelong gardener, since my earliest school days. The nib engraving on this model powerfully attracted me due to its connection with gardening.
It depicts Le Petit Prince weeding the baobab seedlings sprouting on his planet, which is designated in the book Le Petit Prince as Asteroid B-612.
Having seen baobab seedlings in East Africa, I appreciate the diligent husbandry of Le Petit Prince as depicted on the nib.
The bright golden nib sets off the subdued deep burgundy red of the pen itself. The color combination has the sort of understated elegance which I enjoy.

While I was admiring the M nib display model, they offered to sell me their remaining bottle of Montblanc Homage to Moctezuma I Pierced Sky ink. I thanked them and agreed to buy it.
Supposing that was the extent of my boutique business for the afternoon, but hesitant to step back out into the downpour, I light-heartedly asked if they had other nib sizes in stock for the pen model I’d been admiring.
Looking in the stock drawer, every box was marked with M. They said that an F could be ordered as a nib exchange. Ridiculously I asked them if there might be an EF in the drawer.
They looked and told me that there was indeed a single EF. As soon as I held it, I knew that it was destined for my writing desk.

It was my first Montblanc fountain pen purchase since 2018. When I was leaving they kindly offered me a Montblanc umbrella, which I declined with thanks as I already have two Montblanc umbrellas.
The Meisterstück Special Edition 146 Prince and Planet is a deep red resin the color of certain cherry varietals whose color explores the darkest tones of red.
The champagne gold fittings are plain and understated. Around the upper cap band a quote is engraved: “On ne voit bien qu’avec le coeur.”
On the nib Le Petit Prince is shown with his hoe, as well as two stars in the sky and four baobab seedlings.
The yellow star on the clip is distinctive, as is the ink window. The pen feels solid in the hand…sturdy. The piston knob turns with ease. The EF sticker on the piston knob is a nice touch.
In recent months my work has increasingly required detailed notes in small spaces. I’ve also been writing several hours of French every day, which necessitates appropriate diacritical marks.
From the outset of my experience with Montblanc writing tools, I’ve written with EF nibs, which were consistently stellar.
Far too many of my EF nibs were gradually repurposed into much broader nibs, leaving my writing desk with few Montblanc EF nibs.
Adding the Meisterstück Special Edition 146 Prince and Planet to my writing desk opens 2020 with an especially pleasing daily writer for work purposes.
The EF nib is smooth, precise with steady ink flow. It’s ideal for my needs. This rainy afternoon was especially fortunate, providing me with a “rainy day pen”.
Following is an image series showing the pen and ink, for anyone who might be interested.
Tom K.
Bag From the Shenzhen MixC Montblanc Boutique
Two Acquisitions
Montblanc Homage to Moctezuma I Pierced Sky Ink
Le Petit Prince Special Edition
Made in Germany
Within the Presentation Box
First Look
Meisterstück Special Edition 146 Petit Prince and Planet EF
EF Sticker
Meisterstück Cap Band
Engraved Le Petit Prince Quote and Montblanc Snow Star
146 Ink Window and EF Nib
Le Petit Prince Weeding His Planet, Asteroid B-612
Black Feed


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Thank you for the incredible report, TK, made despite great difficulty! That pen is gorgeous. Wishing you much enjoyment of it!

Happiness is a real Montblanc...

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Glad to see you back and safe!


What a wonderful „first“ post again. This really is a pretty pen and I‘m amazed that you were able to order it directly with an EF nib.


It looks amazing and the ink matches very well.


Cheers and enjoy it in good health



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As usual with Tom's posts and pictures, I now find myself rethinking my early decision to pass on this one.


And Tom, so good to know you are well!

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." -Pablo Picasso

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Dear Tom, so good to see you back, and with such a wonderful post!


Thank you for providing us first user pictures of LPP and the Planet on FPN .


I love my blue Le Petit Prince 146.

It needs some company in burgundy...


Plus the new Rose burgundy ink.


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Dear Tom:


great to see you busy with a new Montblanc! The sensation of buying a new pen, a coveted one, with a nib that one knows for sure he will like, is simply fantastic.


Your pen is gorgeous. I had the impression, from the few shots available on Montbanc's web site, that this release of the Petit Prince in Burgundy with champagne gold trims was special and very desirable. Your magnificently crisp photographs confirm me that this is a special pen indeed. I am glad you have one with the nib you was searching for. It was a good idea asking...


Now, from your shots the resin appear to be quite a dark shade of burgundy, probably, as other members of this forum suggested, not the same color used in the past for the 146R edition. But I know that the light can be misleading... Perhaps in the future the owner of both versions, this historical 146R and the new Petit Prince, could post a photo of the two pens close each other.


Enjoy your pen, and use it as a good excuse to remain home, safe, writing.

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Wonderful Tom, thank you. I have the ink arriving tomorrow and the more I see of this pen the more I'm tempted. Describing it as 'cherry' did not help my level of resistance.

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The nicest part of your post was it's appearance; it has been a pleasure to view your posts & they have been missed!


I am so happy you were able to find the pen & have the nib of your choice. You captured the beauty of the nib's engraving and I can see why it was so appealing to you.


Welcome back & know you are a welcome presence after your absence.

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Erik Dalton

Tom, Thanks for the update and wonderful pictures. I ordered my pen last week. Stay strong, stay well.

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Beautiful Pen, So much so that I placed an order from Appelboom for one, mine however will be a BB nib :D

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Amazing news, Tom. So happy for your success with the purchase and grateful for the wonderful photos. I think this burgundy, at least as portrayed in your photos, is very close to the burgundy of my MB 147. So looking forward to seeing these pens in the United States. Glad you continue to remain healthy and have intellectual pursuits, in addition to your artistic ones, to remain profitably occupied each day.

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~ I received two e-mails asking me to re-photograph the Montblanc Meisterstück Le Petit Prince Special Edition 146 Petit Prince and Planet EF pen.

Concern was expressed that the pen appeared overly dark, unlike the Burgundy Red models released years ago.

The original photos were photographed in the early evening of a heavily overcast day during a rainstorm, using natural light.


To improve the color rendering, the Canon EOS 1D X camera was fitted this morning with a Zeiss Apo-Sonnar T* 135mm f/2 ZE lens.

The lens is apochromatic, substantially reducing color distortion, thereby yielding what are generally felt to be more accurate color shades and tones.

Shooting handheld, manual focus in the M Manual shooting mode, a BASF desk lamp was used as it offers five varieties of light.

The paper under the pen was Midori MD writing paper, which has a light cream tone. Pure white paper tends to skew the camera sensor’s rendering of colors.


Three versions of the same image have been prepared, each under different light wavelengths, in order to provide a reasonable comparison.

Blue tone light, yellow tone light, and mixed or natural light were used, as shown in the captions.

All are accurate, in that fountain pen colors perceptibly shift in accordance with the quality and intensity of light under which they’re observed.

Were the question raised concerning which one was closest to the actual color, in a general sense I’d unhesitatingly say the mixed or natural light version.

I held the pen up to the iMac screen to compare each of the three versions. The mixed or natural light version is more or less what I see on my writing desk.


My apologies to everyone for having originally failed to provide accurate color images, in my haste to provide photographs.

The FPN Montblanc Forum is blessed with such gifted master photographers as Michael R., fpupulin, Pravda, 5Cavaliers and farmdogfan, all of whom know that obtaining accurate colors is an art.

The pen is a joy as a writer. What makes it so is the added mass of the champagne gold piston knob, providing exquisite balance in the fingers.

I’ll ask another overseas friend to post these comments and the three photographs. As I don’t own a 146R, any comparison image must be posted by others.

With Every Good Wish from Shenzhen,

Tom K.


Blue Tone Light


Yellow Tone Light


Mixed Tone or Natural Light
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Fantastic pictures and great skill as a photographer! You have great taste in equipment, both pens and cameras!

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Tom, fantastic news to see you back and well!

And enjoying a new MB!


As usual, wonderful post and pictures.


Welcome back!

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Yes, getting color near accurate can be tricky!


No need to apologize but many, many thanks for the additional images showing the variety of shade this oen can orovide giving the source of ligh.


Cheers and stay safe



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Very nice. I normally like platinum/silver finishes, but the gold really complements the burgundy.


I have no connection with the Little Prince or its background, which is unfortunate, as I really like this colour. It seems the CEO who came from IWC really has brought his obsession with this author with him. I may wait for the curve nib, as it also has (redacted) and (redacted).


I live in virtually the same place as Tom, but i have no difficulty getting connected to FPN. It is never predictable what parts of the internet are accessible here.

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Nice you to see your post and hear you are doing well, Tom.


Your pictures have certainly whetted my appetite. I think this pen is going to have to be added to my "must have" list.


Stay safe and healthy!

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