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So, Conklin Duragraphs. Any Good?


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I have been having that "wanting a new pen itch", I am sure that feeling is familiar to you all :D


My eyes have zoomed in on the Conklin Duragraph, Especially the following three: the rose-gold matte black one (though I am not so sure about the branding on the body, I think that will bother me), the purple nights and red nights one. I wouldn't take a flex nub, just a regular medium nib.

So far my preference is heading to the purple nights one. It would replace my purple Pilot Metropolitan, since I am not liking my Metro's anymore (if I get the red one, it would replace my red Metro).


Does anyone has any experience with those pens? How are the nibs?

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Robert Alan

I like the Duragraph and Duraflex pens and think they offer good value for the money, considering that they are relatively inexpensive. My pens have medium, stub, and flexible nibs and they all write nicely. I have had no problem with the earlier, pre-JoWo nibs. The new, single-tone JoWo nib is very similar to the older, two-tone Conklin medium nib in performance. However, I actually prefer the original Conklin stub nib over the new JoWo stub. For me, the older stub has smoother, rounded edges and it writes very well. The new, JoWo stub is too sharp-edged for me.


Fit and finish on the Duragraphs in my collection is very good,, and I like that the pens come with screw-in converters which are secure and an advantage over the standard, push-in converter.



No matter where you go, there you are.

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PenBoyRoy (YouTube channel and Podcast) thinks pretty highly of the pen so I picked up the Matte Black/Rose Gold Duragraph a couple of months ago and have been pretty pleased. Yafa pens (Conklin and Monteverde) seem to be a lot more reliable out of the box now that they have replaced their Bock nibs with JoWo. I too really like the screw in converter.


It's a really good acrylic pen, especially at this price. I can speak well of Yafa customer service, too. Luckily, I have never had a problem with the pens themselves, just the nibs and the couple of times that I had nib problems, they were quick to resolve and very easy to deal with. I anticipate that shouldn't be happening with any regularity any more.

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I agree and have been pleased so far.

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I have a Conklin Duraflex model. It's a beautiful acrylic and solidly built. I don't really like the flex nib that much honestly. I might switch it for a medium or even a fine.



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El Monstro

Happy with the Duragraph. Mine arrived a couple of days ago and immediately took it out for a spin by filling it up with Lamy Azurite. Got one called Orange Nights that looks like a homage to the Delta Dolce Vita. The broad nib had a bit of feedback at first but a quick widening of the tines and some running water did the trick. I prefer using it unposted. It's crazy long posted and feels off balanced. But the price point of the pen is just awesome :-)

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I have a Duragraph Red Nights. It's an OK pen. It's nice looking; the barrel and cap are perfectly well made. It doesn't post very well (I believe SBE Brown described it as "comically long" when posted) or securely. Inside, it is kind of a cheap pen. The feeds and collars are the same ones as in Jinhao 159, except the collars have proprietary threads. It's hit or miss whether the collar / feed will fit well into the section. I have 3 different collars and 5 - 10 feeds; it's hard to find a feed / collar combination for a given nib that fits well in the section.


The screw-in converter is a high point of the design.


As you might expect from the above comments about Jinhao 159s, the Duragraph will hold Goulet #6 nibs. This is, IMO, one of its best features. I've had 3 of the "half moon" branded Conklin nibs (2 Bock and 1 Jowo, I believe) and none of them have been very good. Right now I have a 1.1mm stub nib from Goulet in it. It is one of the old two-tone gold nibs. The pen looks sharp and writes well in this configuration.


I would not spend much money on a Duragraph. Some places sell them for $80+, and that is too much. I got mine from Goldspot when they were having a sale for somewhere in the $40 - $50 range (I can't remember exactly). That still seems a little high since you are probably going to have to replace the nib, but justifiable, especially if you really like the look (or really want that screw-in converter! :) ). Think of it as a super-deluxe Jinhao 159, because you will probably use it for the same kinds of things.


- N

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dan in montreal

all my conklins have been... meh


It depends what you are buying it for. It you are buying it for aesthetic reasons, and to write quick notes, it's OK. If one plans to actually write with it, I would stay away. The weak point of the model is the nib / feed and it's been well documented here and elsewhere. It this were an automobile, it would be like saying it looks stunning but the engine sputters more often than not. I would buy something else.

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