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Free Pen And Ink Drawing Ebook


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I am pleased to announce FREE availability of my Pen and Ink Drawing Workbook (vol 1&2) eBook from Amazon Kindle store.


Available FREE for 3 days only (ends midnight March 26, 2020).


With over 200 pages of step by step illustrations, guided examples and hands on exercises, it is a great way to learn drawing pen and ink landscapes. Download it today (Amazon US, Amazon CA , Amazon UK ). For other countries, pl. search in your kindle store.


Also download FREE templates to print and practice here.


Happy Drawing,





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Thanks! I'm one of those "maybe one day..." people, and I like your drawings, so I've downloaded it in hopes that "one day" isn't too terribly far away. :)

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Thank you. Downloaded, including the pdf workbooks. These coming months I will have some time on my hands... I hope to find enough discipline to really start this time. They look very beautiful! it would be nice to be able to something similar myself...

a fountain pen is physics in action... Proud member of the SuperPinks


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