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1:1 Noodler's Heart Of Darkness And Diamine Skull And Roses = Black-Green Ink


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I know, I know... I read the threads about the various mishaps with HoD precipitating out. I threw caution to the wind and did it aways. Back in early February, I was wanting a black ink with red sheen. Without actually knowing how inks achieve the sheening property, I was left thinking that I could mix HoD and SnR with the result that the red sheen would be kept and the HoD would be darker than the blue of the SnR. With the stories of the precipitation in mind, I let the mixture sit for a month in the sample vial looking for precipitation and after not seeing any after a month. I put it into a pen.


After mixing the ink, I noticed that the ink didn't take on either the black nor the blue color that I was expecting but it took on a green shade. Who knew black+blue = black-green :huh:. The ink does not have any sheen though.


If there's something you guys want me to include, let me know. But keep in mind that my "paper" tend to be envelopes at the moment... My handwriting isn't very good either. I've never done chromatography so... if that's something you guys want to see, I could attempt it after finding some coffee filter and figuring how to do it. Looks simple on youtube, but that doesn't mean "easy". A blue-green color comes out if the envelope gets wet but the writing stays behind.


Sorry, no real pictures, I tested the ink on the back of an envelope because that's all I had with me and it doesn't look very good. Plus I don't know what to include in an ink review so there's that.


I can't say I'm fond of the color though (but I don't like green to begin with and I'm still disappointed at lack of red sheen so I'm biased against it from the start). After using up my sample, I won't make it again but I didn't see this combination before so here's my attempt at contributing an ink mixture in case someone likes the idea of a black-green ink. Maybe they got tired of all the black-blue inks?


If there's a place to get one or two cheap sample vial that fits in an envelope, I could mail it (in the US) to someone to do a proper ink review. That or I would fill up a pilot varsity pen and mail the entire pen. But I'd rather not give up the pilot varsity because I happen to like it lol.



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This is great, :) thank you for the experiment, @LiquidInk


I would have just put the mix in the pen and hope for the best :rolleyes:


as HoD was recommended as additive to my question about making an ink permanent


Looks like HoD passes the precip test and that's a good sign of 2 successful uses.


I'm going to follow your step and let these recipes sit longer :thumbup:

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