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His Nibs.com Update -- Very Important Announcement & Sale!

His Nibs

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Hi all,


After 20 years in our home in Allentown, PA (and coming up on 24 years of HisNibs.com), my wife Teresa and I have decided that it's time to downsize. Although there are many joys of home ownership, maintenance is not particularly one of them :D ! Most of the upkeep of the house has fallen to Teresa over the years, in large part due to certain physical limitations due to my disability (physical, and perhaps mental as well :)). Consequently, she's laid down the law that we need to find a housing situation where this is taken care of for us (I suggested taking on a staff of servants, but for some reason she didn't go for it).


I don't plan on closing HisNibs.com, but I do need to significantly reduce a quarter-century of writing instrument stock -- to make a move over the next couple of months more manageable. Once we're situated in a new castle,




I can then reassess how much inventory I want to carry and which brands, etc. With the current unfortunate situation brought about by the Covid-19 virus, importing from China is at least temporarily problematic, so I'll be starting my inventory-reduction endeavors with Chinese pens-on-hand.


To make this more manageable for me, I'll be sending out more frequent newsletters to my regular customers (feel free to ask to be added to the newsletter list), with subsets or brands or individual items on sale at a deep discount.


So, to kick off this Inventory Reduction and Relocation Sale (IRRS for those in the 'know' ;) ), let's start with...DUKE pens and Pen Storage...and what's a pen without INK!?


Rather than update the prices on each model's page, just take 50%-off of the published price on any Duke pen, pen case or ink on the linked pages. So, not to be too obvious about it, but the 12-pen wallet is priced at $24.00. It's now yours for only $12.00, etc.


Please see more details here.


As always, please email me directly at stonebri@verizon.net with your order.




Norman Haase



Norman Haase

His Nibs.com


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HisNibs1

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