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Different Brands Of Converters. Which Is The Best?


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I laughed today because I got some extra converters in the mail and they came in a jinhao box and I open up the box and get some baoer branded converters. I have ordered from this seller on aliexpress before and got a slightly different converter last time. I was wondering if anyone had any input on which chinese pen brand has the best converters. Should I stick to only using jinhao converters in jinhao pens, etc?


The Jinhao converters hold the most ink but have no agitator (in pic related I added a small ball bearing to act as one)


The baoer converter has an agitator (spring in one, small bead in another) but doesn't hold much ink and in some jinhao pens it doesn't fit as well in my experience. Funny enough one has no branding whatsoever, the baoer converter that has branding has the best twist action of the lot, the jinhao the worst.


I've also bought baoer pens with unbranded jinhao style converters so it seems it is luck of the draw with what type you get.


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One thing you have to be careful of is the diameter of the opening. Many Chinese pens have a nipple that is larger than standard international.

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Well Baoer and jinhao come from the same Mfr so that's not a surprise ... yes Chinese fountain pen can had new comers fuming over why this and that with converters but its just a matter of knowing there is no one standard that's standard ( and even the so call international standard is not a standard )

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The JinHao converters with the bronze, metal band are my favorites of the Chinese converters but I would never actually pay for one that didn't already come with a pen. You are much better off getting a Schmidt K5 converter and saving yourself the headache/heartache.

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yea the bronze collared ones are handy if you want to add a little tail weight to your pen.


Otherwise they all work the same, some cheap ones crack or fall apart faster but they still work long enough to provide ok value.

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I had never bought converters directly, but bought cheap pens to tinker with, and to salvage nibs and converters :lol: I had bought some Jinhao 991s at $0.59 back in black friday 2018 if I recall correctly. All converters work great (they are in Pilot MR and other pens), and I'm still using some of these nibs even today on other pens.


The converters were like the 1st photo on the left (that looks separate from other two converters), with metal collar, and with Jinhao branding on the back side where you screw to push/pull the ink. So these converters definitely worth the value!

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The problem of Chinese converters is that they are cylindrical and be a use of that they do not fit in several pens.

Many pens need c0nverters with the end part of the body smaller in diameter, like a cartridge.

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