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here is another ink mix I've been playing with.

I have tried a similar mix before and results of mixing are very stable, i.e. no unwanted side effects like precipitations, or changes to the typical characteristics of the starting inks.

The starting ink is Edelstein Aquamarine. I got this ink with purchase of the Aquamarine M200, but as much as I like the pen, this ink is a bit too green for my taste.

I had already tried this in a mix with Edelstein Sapphire, which is a lovely ink on its own. The fact it leans evidently on purple is a good starting point to tame the excessive green in Aquamarine.

I had already made some earlier tests which suggested the ideal starting ratio would be around 6 parts Sapphire to 4 parts Aquamarine.

Being a test, I did not want to exceed with quantities so using two clean syringes I put together 3 ml of Sapphire with 2 ml of Aquamarine.

I regret that my syringes are slightly too big (they are 2.5 ml metered syringes) and accuracy is not at its best.

I already like the resulting mix, a middle blue, with no purple tinges, however it is slightly pale, so I have made a further test adding 1 part (0,5 ml) of Edelstein Tanzanite.

The result is a slightly darker blue with similar tone.

After some testing it seemed to me that there was still a slightly cold tone in the mix, and decides to add one more part of Aquamarine.


So the final mix is

Sapphire 6 parts

Aquamarine 5 parts

Tanzanite 1 part


(depending on preference even a 1:1 ratio - 6 parts Sapphire + 6 parts Aquamarine - could look nice, to steer towards a more sea type of blue).


Here is a picture taken on a very glossy paper which shows the tones rather well, on copy paper the tones are slightly more dull.

Admittedly the photo loses some of the differences in tone which are more evident on paper

(I will try with a scan later)


The behaviour of the mix is very similar to that of Sapphire. I do not find it dry (Aquamarine is slightly dry) and the mix including Tanzanite feels slightly more wet



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the final mix is my favorite of them, too. But then I'm such a sucker for dark blues.

a fountain pen is physics in action... Proud member of the SuperPinks


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thank you, yes, the last one (6-5-1 mix) has just a touch more darkness, but also shades a little more than the 6-4-1 mix.

It's odd how the Sapphire alone looks more purplish on paper, while the three mixes look almost the same on the PC screen but on paper the difference is more evident.

I will try to scan it, but the scanner is not ready and set up at the moment so I will need more time, but I'm curious to see if it can capture the subtle differences better..

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Nice, thanks for the hard work! I will have to try this.

Rationalizing pen and ink purchases since 1967.

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