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Make Gouache Ink Waterproof?


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Hello, folks


I am new to all of this; I do love my fountain pens, and especially the MB 149 by wife gave me....what a writing experience!


So, my hobby (and it is new to me) is medieval illumination/calligraphy.....I would like to mix me up some dewaxed shellac flakes (I used to be a woodworker until Rheumatoid Arthritis sidelined me.)


Anyhow, I had the idea of being able to make lines w gouache that would not be altered by subsequent layers of watercolor/gouache.


Given that background, does anyone know of a reasonable starting point for a 'cut' of shellac? A cut is weight in shellac dividing by volume, in pounds/gallon.


Isn't this how ink in made waterproof?


Thanks for considering my question.



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Probably you already know this: do not use shellac in a fountain pen! It will most likely clog it, possibly permanently (alcohol dissolves shellac, I don't know what it does to pens).


For dip pens or brushes, I found this link that has some ancient ink recipes using shellac: https://evanlindquist.com/othermedia/oldinkrecipes.html


There are also commercial shellac inks in various shades, for example https://www.dickblick.com/products/sennelier-shellac-ink/

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Gouache ink is basically opaque watercolor ink (when I took a watercolor painting class in college we used gouache). I don't know as how I'd put that in a fountain pen to begin with, and will echo what other people said about shellac (which is of course the problem with India ink as well.

In theory I could put India ink into an Osmiroid I bought at an estate sale last year (the case includes a gadget to remove the nib and feed for thorough cleaning) but I haven't tried it. There is such a thing as "safe" FP "India ink" (I have a bottle of some cheap Chinese ink and a bottle of Pellikan Fount India) but I wouldn't use it for long term and would flush it fairly often (the same way I would flush an iron gall ink or a pigmented ink more frequently than a normal ink).

The commercial inks that WalterC mentioned are pretty much for dip pens only.

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

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If you only need to make a part of the painted surface resistant to subsequent applications of paint you can coat those parts with masking fluid or gum arabic...

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And to your ink, you can add Noodler's Ghost Blue.

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