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What Model Wearever Is This?

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Please help identify the model of this Wearever, I had no luck in my searches.post-104167-0-37059200-1581790499_thumb.jpg


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Not sure of the model but really like the pattern of the material it's made of!


minibanner.gif                                    Vanness-world-final.png.c1b120b90855ce70a8fd70dd342ebc00.png

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Wow! It is wonderful to be back online.  I don't believe the pen has a model name or number as it was sold on store counters on a cardboard display.  The clip indicates it to be late 1930s to pre-WW2.  The price would have been 25 cents... assuming the nib is thin 14k gold plate.  They are certainly nice looking pens that restore well.



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I'd say it was a Supreme. The name first appeared in the 1930s, and as this example shows, they generally had some pretty classy marbling work. I think David Khan first used the name independent of Wearever - just "Supreme" on the clip. In teh 1940s the name was retired, but he revived it in the 1950s and 1960s for the cheap and nasty model in the link above. IMHO the later incarnation tarnishes the reputation of the earlier one!

Keeping company with the early Supreme was a whole raft of very similar Wearevers with small variations in clip and end jewels - black and white as here, or all black, or black and red. Some were faceted. I tend to lump them all together as "Supreme 1", and the later metal-capped ones as "Supreme 2"; but no doubt Khan had distinctions for each variation.

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