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Taccia Hokusai Katsushika Benitsuchi (Red Soil)


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I haven't done any ink reviews in a long time, but I also haven't acquired any inks in a long time. I wasn't really looking for any inks but was looking through the Taccia inks and noticed some new ones. Since Taccia was bought by Nakabayashi, it seems like the Taccia brand is being used to offer interesting special inks.


There is a new series based on the Ukiyo-e printing of 17th century Japan.



The packaging is very nice as in the pics above and my own:






Tested with two pens, a Sailor 1911 Std (M) and an Edison Premiere (M) on Mohawk via Linen and Tomoe River. The Edison pen is wetter and wider than the Sailor pen, and so a bit of of shading is lost. In the Sailor pen the shading is great. No sheen in the usual sense, but on the Tomoe River from the Sailor pen the ink appears as a silvery sheen when seen at just the proper angle.


I'm very particular with red inks. Regular reds I don't like, I don't have any use for them. I was concerned whether this ink would be a standard red-leaning brown like MB Toffee Brown or Visconti Brown. I definitely wouldn't want just another ink like that. It is a red ink, but very muted, earthy. I like it a lot. A red that works like a brown.


I didn't test water resistance as that's not a quality important to me. I presume it's not very water resistant.


A reasonable price for a stealth Sailor ink.


The Sailor 1911 Std on MvL;



The Edison Premiere on MvL:



Tomoe River:



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Thank you for another nice review which touches on all the aspects of an ink I enjoy in an introduction to a new ink.


Especially nice to see another ink has captured a place in your arsenal; have missed reading about your finds & it is nice to see your latest acquisition!

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Nice review of a nice ink. Reminds me a bit of the old MB bordeaux. Very special ratio/proportioning of the brown and blue constituents.

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Thanks for the comments. @lapis, I'm not familiar with the MB Bordeaux. Would it be similar to the Kyoto TAG Kyo-no-oto Adzuki-iro? @Barkingpig I discovered that I had multiple lifetimes worth of ink, but I've always enjoyed the Nakabayashi packaging and knowing they are Sailor inks is a definite bonus in my book. And available from US retailers so very easy to obtain.

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Very nice review. I like these "brick" red inks, as well as orangey reds, but not the pinkish ones.

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Thank you for showing this ink ... always a pleasure to read about inks I’ve never heard of before. As a red, this one looks really interesting. I like the muted look. More vibrant reds for me are not suited for writing, as a full page of vibrant red exceeds my visual tolerances ;-) This one can easily be used for normal writing, I think. It doesn’t jump off the page. Nice!

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@jmccarty3, brick red is quite a good description of the color.

@namrehsnoom, I fully agree with you regarding how reds should be for writing rather than correcting. imo this ink is quite pleasing and rests nicely on the page.

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Excellent review! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I also appreciate the effort you went to photograph your writing samples. Well done!


I was wondering if Taccia had been bought out but wasn't really sure. Their first round of inks seemed to me to be made by Sailor. That they were bought out by Nakabayashi makes sense.


This is not my favorite color of red, but I like some of the other colors so I may have to purchase samples of these.


Thank you again!

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I have the Taccia Sabimidori (sometimes spelled Saibimidori), and green-blue that is not teal...goes down blue, looks green. Really nice, very, very smooth. Image copied from PenChalet.

Love your review...very tempted to get this red ink.

Would you care to review this Sabimidori ink? I imagine the characteristics are very similar.


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Thanks for posting about the Sabimidori ("Rust Green") ink. I do have that one but haven't tried it yet. I'll go to this one next, but I have other pens recently filled and need to work through those.

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I enjoyed seeing this ink.

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