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Aurora 88 Tiny Nib Markings - Mid 80's


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Silly curiosity, this.

Cleaning my 88 from the 8o's sometime (first pen I ever bought) I see some really, really tiny figures at the bottom of the nib just before entering the section. I haven't found anything on these tiny markings, any ideas?

From the top the nib reads 14k, 585, Aurora, that's all well and good, now here's the tricky bit, in an oval: a five pointed star, numeral 5, _space_ TO.

They are so tiny I don't think I have anything that could provide a good photo.

Now that I've spotted them, I can't let it go.

Thanks kindly.

Je suis, ergo sum

---Tom Stoppard

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It sounds like a hallmark. Italian hallmarks usually have a star, then a number for the goldsmith then two letters for the province (Torino/Turin in this case - which would make sense).

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