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Which Brand Do You Enjoy The Most And Trust Blindly?

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I've never met a Waterman, vintage or modern, that I didn't like or that let me down. I did return a Perspective because it was too heavy, not for techincal reasons.

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wow that is impressive ! by toledo you mean the pelikan ?


Conklin nibs were made in Toledo, Ohio until a group of investors bought the company in 1938 and moved production to Chicago. Quality plunged after the move. There are a fair number of Conklins out there with Chicago barrels/caps but nibs made in Toledo that are pretty good writers but Chicago nibs are, at best, second tier quality.

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Sailor, probably. I have three Pro Gear Slims (EF, F and M) and a Nagasawa branded Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini (MF). They're all always inked, I reach for them often, and it's one of these (plus cartridges) that I would take on a short trip. I like them better than my Lamy 2000 and they get used more often than my Pelikan M400, although that's partly because I'm scared of losing the Pelikan.


EDIT: Oh, and I also have the Sailor multifunction pen.

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Platinum. I bought a 3776 about 6 months ago and promptly bought another. The best out of the box nibs I’ve ever used (if you like feedback nibs). Maybe a little boring in the design department, but if we’re talking about blind trust I suppose boring isn’t a bad thing.

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Platinum. I bought a 3776 about 6 months ago and promptly bought another. The best out of the box nibs Ive ever used (if you like feedback nibs). Maybe a little boring in the design department, but if were talking about blind trust I suppose boring isnt a bad thing.

Hi MusterMark,


The 3776 Century is a great pen. I always opt for the broad nib - those are just the opposite - silky smooth.


And you can't beat the slip & seal cap - it really does work. 👍


Sean :)



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Pelikan for me. Out of 25 or so M-series (and a bunch of Pelikanos), I've really only been burned once.

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Without a doubt: Pelikan. My 101N and 400N are my favourite pens.

Close second: Sailor. I really like my Pro Gear Slim.


For ink: can't go past Waterman. Always dependable.

Close second: MontBlanc. Rohrer & Klingner.

Other brands such as Diamine offer some great inks but in my experience aren't as forgiving or adaptable to all pens.

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Like many I choose Pelikan and Lamy as first choice to enjoy and trust. I recently discovered the Lamy Pur, and enjoy it quite a lot.

About trust I also choose some cartrige-pens by Aurora (Ipsilon, Marco Polo, and Ferrari - that one made by Aurora in the 80's) that are working flawlessly since decades. And Schneider, a german school pen manufacturer.

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Pelikan pens are my favorite. I have M205, M600/605/620, M805, M101n, and vintage 400 from 50s. I buy them from dealers who check the pen before shipping. I think that is why all my Pelikans work perfectly out of box.


M101n is my favorite, I have the red tortoise. It is also the only pen giving issues. It is on its journey back to factory for a repair of the piston filler. This is my second repair in one year of owning the pen. The first had been ink leaking from pen body. However, the repair experience has been really smooth and completely free. I am still looking forward to buy more of this line.


I do not like converters, and from what I read, Pelikan makes the best piston filler. So the choice is easy.


The only pen I am putting up with the ink converter hassle is a Lamy Safari with 14k black gold EF nib. I needed an easy pull-open pen to use at meetings. The lamy black gold nib is a beauty, the EF writes some tooth, fun to use. And I can change the pen body when new colors of Lamy gets released.


For inks, Iroshizuku and Montblanc. Iroshizuku inks are all consistently wet, they work well in most of my pens. A few birds that are too wet need Montblanc Toffee Brown to get to the wetness level I like. Montblanc has more interesting colors like Swan Illusion, which looks great in a few of my brownish pens.

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