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Diamine Registrar's


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Diamine Registrar's Blue Black (G-Nib on Rhodia dot pad)




Dry time: about 10 seconds on Rhodia in non-flex writing, otherwise, up to several minutes


Flow: relatively dry


Lubricated: no


Waterproof: yes, heavy iron gall, probably FP ink with highest IG content available


Saturation: low


Color: medium/dark blue, then oxidize to dark black, on par with most dark blacks on the market; thinner lines may remain blue for several hours or days


Value: on the more expensive side at a minimum of $12 for 30ml


Bottle: standard inkwell design (also comes in larger 100ml refills).


Notes: this ink feels very old fashioned and similar to dip pen inks except being slightly thinner.

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Great review! And a fabulous penmanship!

Thank you.

Seeking a Parker Duofold Centennial cap top medallion/cover/decal.
My Mosaic Black Centennial MK2 lost it (used to have silver color decal).

Preferably MK2. MK3 or MK1 is also OK as long as it fits.  
Preferably EU.

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Thanks for the review - I have a bottle of this ink, but rarely use it because of the qualities you mention: not very well lubricated, relatively dry flow. It definitely has a place in the arsenal of someone using fountain pens for professional purposes (the waterproofness is pretty impressive!) - but I've found the Blackstone Barrister inks (with their micropigment formulation) to be more pleasant to write with. I hear Sailor's nano-pigmented black is the same (can't remember its name) - writes great, refuses to shift from the page...


Do you use Registrar's ink much? Or is it for you (as for me) an ink you only put into a pen for a specific purpose or occasion?

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The photo does not match my experience with Diamine Registrars. I tried a sample of it early on and it oxidized to a washy blue grey. Great shading, but not more good to be said beyond that. :( Oh, and it's one of the few inks I've found that works on Post-it Flags (the plasticky ones) but then didn't have any lightfastness.

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

"It's very nice, but frankly, when I signed that list for a P-51, what I had in mind was a fountain pen."

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To respond to a couple of comments, I really only have Registrar's to play around with as I am a fan of historic inks. My go-to permanent ink right now is Platinum Blue Black, which is also an iron gall, but doesn't perform like one.


Second, I think you may be having the gray issue because of the poor flow causes only a small amount of ink to be spread on the paper. The thicker, wetter the line is, the more likely it is to oxidize to a dark black (I had a similar experience with Salix).

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~ bokaba:


Thank you for the review above.

The image of the handwriting sample is especially appreciated.

I also admire old-time inks.

Tom K.

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