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Black Stone - Red Cashmere - Mini Review


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This is a first and a mini review. To me personally the colour, shading and sensation are important. Yet, I can forgive many things, if the ink has that ​je ne said quoi factor.

In preparing this review, I appreciated many times more, the work of so many reviewers, that I've enjoyed over the years, thank you.

From what I understand Red Cashmere, in its powdered form, was the genesis of Black Stone inks, in Australia. I was intrigued by this ink, thinking it would be a nice sheening variation, albeit darker version of Rouge Hematite, but cheaper. :D


My sample came from fountainfeder and it was the first ink I excitedly tried...

I was taken aback by the colour as it transformed from a full throated luscious red into dark, almost blackish red. But it grew on me as I played around with it, especially when I could appreciate its shading, which can be quite dramatic, especially in scans. :)

To me it's a reddish version of Ancient Copper.

One issue, I found with this ink was startup. Nothing that a dip in a water wouldn't solve, but still. I hope it was a fluke. The ink has low to non water resistance on Tomoe River paper, but can survive pouring taking a short shower on cheap absorbent paper.

I used a vintage Conway Stewart with OB flex nib and Jinhao 450, with a medium nib for my testing and Rhodia notebook.

I wish I had other dark reds, shading inks to compare with, but I will leave that to the more seasoned members of this forum.





Close up photo:



Water test on cheap amazon copy paper... Notes that Amethyst de L'Oural with a fude nib, feathered into a bird.....





Most survived the water...but with Tomoe River they just washed out.....







- Yours ink-ly













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Thank you for such a great review and taking the time to do it! It does look like a lovely color.

"Today will be gone in less than 24 hours. When it is gone, it is gone. Be wise, but enjoy! - anonymous today




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Thank you for such a great review and taking the time to do it! It does look like a lovely color.


Most welcome. It is muted, but not so bad, only not the best flow.....

Thanks for the review. I've tried a number of Blackstone inks but not this one. Yet.




You're lucky. This was my first :-)

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