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Diplomat A2 - Clip Locking Pin


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I have a 1,5 year old Diplomat A2, and recently discovered that the locking pin of the clip is not pushed all the way through. See attache picture.

I did not notice before now, but I think it's always been this way.




Has anyone else seen this problem? Anything I can do to fix myself? It's cumbersome to send back to retail/service since I purcased the pen abroad.

Any tips what I should do?


Best regards,

Harald Antonsen


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I just checked mine, an Excellence Skyline and my pin is like that as well.


That is the way it should be, me thinks. Never had a problem with it.




Using right now:

Parker 51 "F" nib runing PR Tanzanite

Narwhal Nautilus "F" nib running Montblanc Racing Green 

Edison Comet "F" nib running Leonardo Officina Italiana Blue

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