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Montblanc Boheme (custom UEF\Needlepoint), Montblanc Royal Blue, Fritz-Shimpf Feinpost, Fritz-Schimpf Leinen, Crown Mill Vellium, Crown Mill Classic Line|Verge

More photo about paper test. (Sorry, post in Cyrillic but with many informative photos. If you need translate to English I can do it in a few days).

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You did an excellent job in comparing the papers, not least of which is your penmanship.


Your entire website is very well done and is well,worth exploring.


Although it may not have captured all the nuances, Google's translation rendered your text into passable English.


Thanks for sharing.



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Thank you for sharing your comparison. I can imagine that the "tooth" of the paper is a huge component in ink drawings. I know it is for watercolor painting.


I also read your comparison on your website. As gary mentioned above, the translation was passable. But, the general thoughts were there. Thank you!

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I really want to know more about the Fritz Schimpf papers. I've seen them pop up more frequently and the quality seems good, but I'd love more detailed information. 

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I got my order of Fritz Schimpf paper in the mail yesterday, and it looks beautiful. The paper itself is made by Rossler; the cotton paper is Zerkall Butten. All of it is very well made. 

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