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Making Poussière De Lune Redder


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I was given some Poussière de Lune for Christmas, which was lovely. But I would prefer it to be a touch redder. I've tried blending it with Sheaffer Skrip Red, and that works, but even at 3 Poussière to 1 Skrip, it's a bit too red. Has anyone played around with something like this? I'm surprised relatively little of the Skrip makes so much difference. The perfect mix for me is probably around 5 or 6 to 1, but before I work on it further, I thought I would ask for some advice...

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sorry for no advice so far,

a 3 to 1 ratio is not small at all, that is one full quarter of mix of red.

Poussière de Lune is already reddish so if you want it to be just slightly more reddish you probably need a much smaller quantity.

By now you may have already tried (I would have...).

As a general advice I suggest you define the size of the parts of your mixture (0.5 ml, 1 ml, etc), define the starting quantity of one component and add parts of the second component gradually, testing as you go.

So for example, using metered syringes that you can buy in any pharmacy, start from 3 ml of Poussière (6 parts), add 0.5 ml (1 part) of red, mix and test. If not reddish enough add another 0.5 ml of red, mix and test. Etc.

Record the tests on one sheet of paper so you can compare them when dry. Write and swab (writing can look very different from a swab, a colour may be much more evident in a swab but ultimately you will use the ink to write...).


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