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Fake Parkers On Ebay


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Fake pens on ebay? Oh man!


Fake Parkers? Nooo!!!!


Fake Parker Sonnets? That's just outrageous!!!!


Buying this particular pen on ebay, and from someone in China, you'd need nothing short of a miracle for it not to be counterfeit.


I purchased a "Perfect Parker IM with 0.5mm nib" once, out of curiosity. The quality was OK, but like the Sonnet (real or counterfeit) its cap's not airtight, so it dries out. The nib, though, is quite good.


I also purchased a lot of 4 Sonnets from someone in the US at a very low price to see if I could figure out a way to deal with that model's drying issue. I've compared them to two Sonnets that I purchased from reputable retailers in person, and if they're fakes, they're crazy good, because I couldn't find any sign of them not being legit. (Before you ask, I never got around to trying something to make the caps airtight... too many projects, too little time.)


best read of the year so far!

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Today was digging out the dregs of desk drawer... discovered my 2 Baoer 388s right at the bottom. Havent seen them 12-18mths easy, if not much longer.


Started opening them up to add to Wash bucket... then noticed their converters were still 3/4 full 8) wow. 1 has Watermans Inspired, other was Serenity. A quick prime via the knob & they both started right up again - amazing.


By comparison... my genuine Sonnet dries out a full cartridge in mere weeks. :(

not sure if the Baoer 388 is what the OP is complaining about, but I have your exact experience, the 388 does not dry out, and I consider it one of my favourite (because reliable) Chinese pens.

here is a comparison https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/222412-parker-sonnet-vs-baoer-388/

When Chinese makers will also understand that good features can be borrowed and with a small effort personalized with an own design I am sure we would all look even more favourably to their efforts.

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Okay, just ordered one, last night. Now the wait begins. Should be here (see avatar) before spring. I hope.

Thanks for the heads up.

“Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today, because if you do it today and like it, you can do again tomorrow!”

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