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Wasp Vacuum-Fill (Addipoint) Clip Removal?

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I just received a Wasp Vacuum-Fill Addipoint pen that turns out to have a broken ring clip. Its probably from the early 1940s. Pictures are shown below.

Before I destroy the cap trying to remove the broken clip. Can anyone help with the following:


1. Is the jewel on this pen friction fit, or threaded? Can I just carefully pry it off? Was it glued?

2. How is the clip removed? Do I have to remove the inner cap, or just the jewel to removed it?

3. Do you know a good source for a replacement?


Thanks ahead of time.


Note, that I also posted this in the Sheaffer forum, but with no responses.



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Richard Binder's WASP article says the faceted metal crowns on The Clipper pens are threaded. Though this morning I have been unable to get any of mine to come loose to confirm.

Stacy Hills

Paper Wants A Pen

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