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The airplane seen in the backround seems to be a Soviet WWII-era Yak and not a U.S P51 Mustang.

Can't be a

single seat Yak-3....................FredYakovlev-Yak-3-vlcsnap-2016-04-11-18h44m

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If Parker issues a new Parker 51 later this year, it will be the second new issue of the Parker 51. I have both of the new-issue models that Parker put out in the late 1990s/early 2000s; one had a black body and the other a turquoise body, each having fancy metal caps. They were C/C-fillers.

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Dip n Scratch

I have an Aerometric P51 (black) and some clones. The Hero 616 is a very cheap copy of the P51 with rough edges on the cap to rake your fingers.

Alright for inks that are known to be somewhat anti-social.

The Wing Sung 601 looks like a visual clone of a vac '51, but it is actually a short-stroke piston-filler with a spring-assisted return stroke.

My first WS 601 was a demonstrator. I bought another two in shades of brown so none of them clashed with the P51 or the Hero 616's.

What would a re-issued P51 do that the two Chinese clones don't do already?

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What would a re-issued P51 do that the two Chinese clones don't do already?

Great question. I have some doubts whether there would be a decent-enough market for a new-issue Parker 51, in light of the WS 601 and its ilk. However, Parker likely has tested the market in some reasonable manner to make its decision about the Parker 51. What I'd like to see from Parker is a reissue of the Parker 61 capillary filler, and I'd like to see it sold with its own rubber bulb for flushing/cleaning.

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Can't be a

single seat Yak-3....................FredYakovlev-Yak-3-vlcsnap-2016-04-11-18h44m


I checked the picture again in the original post. It is a P51. You can check the shape of the underbelly which is classic to P51s. It looks like a P-51A. You may have been thrown off because it didn't have the bubble canopy that's very familiar with the P-51D. Good to see another aviation enthusiast!

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I want a new Parker 51!

So are they available yet!?

I didn't read Jack diddly

(i was reading a different thread that linked to this one)

thank you for your time!

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