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'El Toro' by WTM Pens

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Several weeks ago, I read a review by Blackhill regarding the El Toro pen she purchased from pen creator Wayne Mason (aka 'samuel07'). The unusual shape of the El Toro immediately appealed to me, and as I quite like small, stout pens I decided I would order one.


Two and a half weeks after contacting WTM Pens and deciding on the wood type and trim finish for my El Toro, I received an email advising me that my pen was ready to ship. When I had first emailed Wayne, he responded to my message within a day, with all my questions clearly answered. Subsequent emails were handled the same way – such prompt and personal service was very nice.




For my pen, I chose for my pen Macassar Ebony with Platinum-plated trim. Macassar Ebony is an extremely hard, dense wood with attractive markings.


My El Toro arrived very well packed and presented. A handsome wooden presentation box protected the pen, and included were four cartridges (Private Reserve "Velvet Black" and "Black Magic Blue"), as well as a full-size converter for nib flushing / cleaning.




Appearance / Design / Finish


While the proportions and size of the large cap and short barrel make for a somewhat unusual visual combination, it works. I think my El Toro is a very striking pen, with its bold, shiny trim and chunky look.




The cap unscrews in two and a half turns, and then posts on the threaded barrel-end with one turn. I really like pens that do this, even though the pen is usable un-posted.


Wayne's attention to detail is excellent. The workmanship of my El Toro is perfect - all parts are flush-fitted, smoothly plated and cleanly finished. The finish of the Macassar Ebony wood is particularly nice, with the wood having a beautiful, extremely smooth and silky feel.


This is a heavy pen, at approximately ~48g capped. The cap is a few grams heavier than the body, and the body weighs approximately ~22g. The pen is 115mm / 4.5" capped, 105mm / 4.1" uncapped and 146mm / 5.75" when posted. Posted, the weight is a little more than I am used to, but the pen is well balanced and comfortable to hold, with the slightly-raised metal rings on the grip section providing a subtly-textured gripping area.


Design-wise, I have no complaints about this pen - except for the fact that the clip is very stiff. Due to the weight though, this isn't really a top-pocket pen. It's rather robust and solid - you could put it in your jeans pocket with your keys and not worry about it (except for scuffing), as it's a tough little thing.


Nib / Performance


The El Toro has a very large steel nib imprinted with "Iridium Point Germany" as standard, but a 14K gold nib is available for ~$50 or so extra.




I originally chose a Fine steel nib for El Toro, and was in luck when Wayne was able to manipulate it more toward XF for me. As soon as I was ready to use the pen, I popped a PR Velvet Black cartridge in and started writing on the second stroke! Writing is smooth with no skipping, and the nib is on the side of soft as opposed to a nail.


Filling System


The El Toro takes an international size 'short' cartridge, but the barrel is long enough to accept a squeeze-type or 'bantam' mini converter with a few millimeters to spare. I believe Wayne is trialling these small converters and including them with future pens.


Final Thoughts


The El Toro is a really neat little pen, and the ability to pick a wood and trim combination which appealed to me - plus the lovely workmanship - gives this pen a very personal feeling. (Thank you Wayne!)


Here's the El Toro with another of my stout pens, a JP Lepine "Attila". While these are not pens I can write with all day, I'm rather pleased with my little El Toro! :)




Enjoy! :)

Edited by Phthalo

Laura / Phthalo

Fountain Pens: My Collection

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I have a pen in that "style" and agree 100% with your review. They are very nice pens and of course I use mine posted.

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Thank you for another excellent review, Phthalo.


I was completely unaware of WTM Pens. The pens look interesting and I am going to spend some time checking out the web site.

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Nice review Phthalo. I have also acquired a pen from Wayne recently, customized to my choice of size and wood. He is highly recommended.

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Excellent review, Laura!


I very much enjoy your attention to detail. I really feel that you've captured the essence of this pen and this has perked my interest to look into what Wayne is up to with his pen crafting.



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Dan Carmell

Is the nib an Iridium Point Germany or a Schmidt or something else entirely?


I think was sets this handsome pen apart from the typical kit pen is that all the hardware appears to be made just for this pen.


Very cute and nice choice of wood!



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Nice pen. I have one really nice pen from a wood turner and it has the sweetest smoothest nib I've ever used.


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georges zaslavsky

very pretty pen. ;) It remembers me somewhat the chateau lafitte rotschild made by omas.

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