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Les Couleurs Du Comte - Comte D'or


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Few weeks ago, La Couronne du Comte introduced their own line of inks. The line is short - it contains just a single ink named Comte d'Or. The colour is quite interesting yellow-ochre-brown. It changes depending on the amount of ink - thin layers lean towards yellow, thicker ink layers are brown. This boosts shading which is one of the most prominent attractions of this ink.


Regarding other features: Despite the lighter colour, the ink is perfectly legible even in EF nib. It flows well and dries fast. Lubrication is weak, the ink feels watery. Water resistance is minimal. It is manufactured by Diamine and sold in the 30ml Diamine plastic bottles. The pricing corresponds ot Diamine too - 3.50 EUR for the bottle.


My conclusion: It is quite nice, well behaving, affordable ink.


Here are some pictures (click to enlarge):


comte-d-or-001.jpg[/url] comte-d-or-002.jpg comte-d-or-003.jpg comte-d-or-004.jpg comte-d-or-005.jpg comte-d-or-006.jpg comte-d-or-007.jpg comte-d-or-008.jpg


Following samples are written on the Clairefontaine Triomphe paper which supports shading much more than the previous paper. The ink excels here:


comte-d-or-009.jpg comte-d-or-010.jpg comte-d-or-011.jpg

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So. If this was a Diamine branded Diamine ink, which Diamine ink would it be?

Asking because altho' I like it, I don't like it enough to pay €9 shipping for a 30ml €3.50 bottle.

"Simplicate and add Lightness."

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So far I know the ink is unique, manufactured exclusively for La Couronne du Comte. It is not a rebranded existing ink. The closest one from inks I own is the Honey Burst which is slightly more orange.

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This looks similar to, but more orange, than Diamine Anniversary Terra Cotta (I have not tried Honey Burst, because it looked too orange); Terra Cotta is about as "orange" as I can stand.... :rolleyes:

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

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