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Cracked Barrel On Faber-Castell Ambition

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After stupidly dropping one of my favourite pens, it developed a small crack on the barrel. A few years later, I started traveling back and forth between the Southwest desert and the Pacific Northwest. I guess that the massive difference in humidity between the two places is to blame because now I have a pretty big crack in there, which I find too ugly to ignore anymore. Faber-Castell charges $80 for the repair, which is not too bad, but I'm wondering if other people here know of other places that they would recommend for such a repair.

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That's a pretty good price. You're likely to spend half of what they want to replace the barrel, to have someone solvent weld it - plus shipping. That assumes of course that the acrylic is one that our solvents will work with. I know that some guys do, but I very, very, rarely use superglue to repair a barrel. I've found that most of the time the results are inadequate.

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