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Parker 51 With "bubbly" Texture On Hood

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I have a Parker 51 desk pen that I obtained a number of years. It arrived with some sort of bumpy texture on the hood. It also seems to be on the inside of the hood but not to the same extent as the exterior. This is the best picture I could get for now. It COULD be some sort of clear spray on coating that dried too fast to smooth out but not sure how to find out. This is on a 51 desk pen with chalk marks still intact on the barrel.

Any ideas what this is?


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picture looks like tooth marks to me.

I thought the same until I got a closer look with the loupe. The picture and lighting are horrible but it's definitely bumps/bubbles.

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Ok, so sitting here looking at this hood again I thought if it is some sort of spray they added for shine or some sort of protectant, alcohol might take it off. So, I grabbed some rubbing alcohol and a paper tower and, lo and behold, it all came off. Whatever whoever did this used it had a slightly black tinge. But, te hood is as it should be now.

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Enjoy. I love having one of these desk pens in a base, inked up and ready to write.

I do, too! I have a double 51 desk pen set that was NOS until I got it. One is for black ink, one is for my own custom mixed color.

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Well, it is NOS. Still has the 51 and nib size chalk marks. But those bubbles always bothered me.

Haha. Ok. I will restate:


Awesome, another “51” in tip top shape :)

Just give me the Parker 51s and nobody needs to get hurt.

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You could convince yourself that it's an early Ariel Kullock mod. Early as in "he did it when he was a toddler." ;-)


We use our phones more than our pens.....

and the world is a worse place for it. - markh

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