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Pilot 912 With Sf Nib Issue/questions

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Greeting to everyone. This is my first post since taking up the hobby of collecting and using fountain pens.

Recently, I acquired a pen at a local pen club meeting from an attendee and am unable to put it into use.

Then pen in question is a Pilot 912 Custom Heritage.

It has an “SF” nib.

I have tried several inks and am getting the same result every time.

Upon filling the pen, it works excellent until about 10-15 words are written, then goes dry and dies at the first letters in words sometimes continuing a few letters then back to dry. Using more pressure I get “railroad lines” and more ink low issues.

Today while cleaning after trying another type of ink, I pulled very softly on the nib and the nib and feed Slid out.

I have no idea how the feeder piece should be aligned to the part with two visible “teeth”.

Something I do notice is that it takes very little pressure to put the nib and feed piece back in. Also it seams it is so loose it may rotate when writing.

Inks I have tested in the 912 include: Herbin Pearl noire, Diamine Syrah, Namiki Blue, and a few others.

I just bought a new Pilot 743 and it is on the way. I really hope it is without issues.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

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if it's super loose, there may be a crack and air exchange problems. My justus 95 just developed a tiny crack in the section, invisible unless I look closely.


Pilot is going to replace the section for me


Also make sure the nib/feed are clean and washed with soapy water.


Does it write with added pressure? if so, the tines are tight and it's only writing easily when the feed is oversaturated. That means the nib needs to be opened up a bit.


Pilot SF nibs can be a tad dry from the factory.

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Thank you all for the guidance!

I inked it this morning with Cerulean Blue Pilot Iroshizuku ink.

The pen works very well now.

I just finished using it for two full pages, and it is perfect, no dry starts or railroad tracks. Wrote fast and slow and no issue either way. The flat spot on the end of the feed is now aligned with the two teeth on the inside of the piece that accepts the converter.

I could not find anywhere that was detailed which way it should have been aligned, other than the linked page above that recommended to remember the orientation it is in and put it back that same.

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