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Coronet Gold Filled Pen Section Removal Help?

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Wahl aficionados,


I recently got a Wahl Gold Filled Pen, frequently referred to as a "Coronet" (67S97), which is in the process of restoral.

Step one is always inventory, followed by disassembly.

I was actually surprised to learn that I was not the first person in the pen. The dried out sac was clearly labelled Esterbrook.


I managed to pull the splined assembly out of the body without cracking the ink view portion (yeah! take the minor wins).

Now I want to remove the section out of the splined ink view portion.

I have pictures below. One of them is a zoom of the nib, section and splined ink view part.

In the zoomed picture, There is an arrow drawn where I believe the joint for separating is located. Could someone confirm it for me?

I am unsure if it is a press fit, or a screw-in fit. If someone know the answers to these two questions, it would be a great help.

There have been so many of these all metal Coronet pens ruined during repair, that I don't want mine to join the scrap pile with it's brothers.











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You did the hard part. You are done!

Yes, it separates where you put the arrow, and it is a standard direction thread.

Please, IMO, do not bother to try to open it. Leave the ink shut off alone. The shut off is cute, but unnecessary.

Flush the nib and section well, or clean it with your ultrasonic. Then put a new sac and and you are done!

Most of the breakage (as you noted) is done pulling the section because the clear area is fragile. Do not tempt fate by trying to get the section off the clear sub section.


Anyway, the nib should (or might) be a personal point type that you can unscrew from the section if you want a bit more access.

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