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A Lightbox For Lines On Unlined Paper.


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I started thinking about building a lightbox for unlined paper.




realized i had big ipad


then realized someone must have done it.


second try found this:




usual disclaimers.


it even works with 3x5 cards. Who wudda thunk?






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Wow. That's a lot cheaper than my old light box with the the (single) flurorescent bulb I paid $20 for a number of years ago at a discount art supply store. And WAAAY cheaper than the replacement -- a light pad (although that's big enough for 11x17 paper, or about the size of maybe THREE iPads).

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth


ETA: OTOH, I don't think I'd want to tape something to my iPad display screen. But never thought twice about it with the old light box (which was often involving edible wafer paper and thinned out paste food coloring...). And probably wouldn't with the new light pad (which I got because all the hauling around of the old box, the cord looked as if it might be starting to go. Mind you, I've never had an occasion to use the new one yet, and I'm not *entirely* sure where the cord for it is, either....

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My 10x12 Artograph light box was also pretty cheap, has lasted for years, and it has a nice slant similar to a lap desk that makes it easy to write on and a place to rest your pen. If you end up using it a lot, it's worth the cash and the space to store it.


I'd be a little nervous with some of my scratchier nibs and more corrosive inks on my pricey iPad as well. On the other, just to try out to see if you like it, that ap is a nice option to have. Maybe use a screen protector, if you have one though?


Edited to add: Not as cheap as I remember and I haven't used this seller, but mine looks a lot like this one:




It would be nice not to have to plug it in. Maybe look for one with rechargeable batteries?

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To go the other direction (price wise)...


About a decade ago I saw an IKEA desk with a built-in light-box...

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