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Melbourne Pen Show 2019 This Weekend 10 November


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Most Australian FP users eventually gravitate to the very active Facebook group. It is only old fogies like me who wouldn't join Facebook if you paid me to that remain here.

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Most Australian FP users eventually gravitate to the very active Facebook group. It is only old fogies like me who wouldn't join Facebook if you paid me to that remain here.

Might be! And I'd share same thoughts about bookface too.


Still think it's very amiss not to broadcast the event more publicly, ey?

Are they trying to avoid attracting new blood!? :)


Big trouble with bookface announcements it it don't show up on google searches.

Heck half the time it don't even come up on searches within bookface either.

I rate them zero for reliability/dependability as a source of wisdom storage.



As for Sunday's show, it was great! Kudos to organisers & all involved.


It's getting bigger & bigger, now it's taken up both halls main & auxiliary of Malvern Town Hall and there's talk of soon running out of space for further tables.


There's good support from vendors especially this year since we've lost a few pen stores from the city, it's nice to put a face to the names of some of our online sellers.


As for the public crowd, lots of familiar faces from previous years. Didn't seem as chockers as some years past but perhaps there's now more floor space to spread out over, so didn't look as concentrated.


And ooooh... I spotted a goldleaf MB in the wild! :D

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Both Melbourne and Sydney pen shows are on my bucket list for when I cease grinding the wheels of industry.

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Again flew down from Brisbane for the Melbourne Pen Show. Again, well worth it.

The show was definitely bigger with a good balance of vintage and new.

Picked up a couple of nice Mabie Todd and Bards.

See you next November.

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sweet, sounds like you enjoyed a worthwhile trip


This year's November date worked out great! A lot less clashes with the usual end of year Xmas dos than previous years held on December Sundays.


Decent mix of vintage & modern, good to keep everyone happy.


Interesting to see "Pierre Cardin" being revived in pen sphere though :) blast from decades past, haven't noticed that name much since Gordon Gecko era luxury leathergoods, parfum pour l'homme & ciggy lighters.


Pretty sure prices have upped 20-25% since 2018 :( ran outta cash, left at noon in search of ATM as promised on their brochure map, got waylaid for lunch then got obstructed by SWMBO from returning. Hmm...

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