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Moonman Just Launch The M2 Christmas Snowflake Fountain Pen

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I had not the M2 so cannot really comment on it but as far as the Wing Sung 601 goes I think its a case of poor initial assembly / tuning the issue of the spring not working / binding seems to be a common enough problem with this pen and my experience of fixing 3 ( not mine ) had all come down to initial assembly without proper CLA on the parts. My own 601 ( 2 EDC ) had been in use for more than a year and over a dozen fill and shown nothing wrong but I had seen fresh new one already having this and again I had find that initial assembly and proper lube the culprit.


While these pens are by design perfectly alright a lot of the times its let down by the mass production line assrmbly ; less than better quality material and how those material worked and general lack of proper CLA upon QC on final assembly


Its an age old issue wiyh the Chinese pen industry as they only sees it as yet another consumer product to be just churn off the line


As a long time Chinese fountain pen user I always maintain that if one are not privy with hands on / hacking and generally working the pens oneself it might be a better idea to take a moment to ponder if this fits. On the otherhand if you are handy with all yours it can be a lot of fun

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