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Colorverse Crystal Planet


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I think I might be getting addicted to Colorverse Inks. I started with Quasar then moved onto Hayabusa and now have Crystal Planet. Crystal Planet is a very nice shade of Blue. Its on the lighter side and is fairly saturated. The ink offers only minimal shading but takes about an hour to dry. If you can get past the dry time, it really is a nice ink to use. I found it well behaved with no feathering or bleedthrough and never did have a hard start with any of the pens I used it in. it costs about $36... which is getting up there around MontBlanc territory. Unlike MontBlanc though, you get a big bottle and a little on. You get a napkin and a bunch of stickers and the themes surrounding each serious of ink are pretty cool in my opinion. I'm not sure this will replace Kon Peki for me, but its right up there in terms of a good medium blue color. I hope everyone enjoys the review. I 'd love to hear what you think.



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I had awful smearing and hard starts with this color in a japanese F nib.


Hate the bottle and box design, too. Forcing me to cut through the label to open the box? so dumb.

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#50shadesofbluechallenge (link to the hashtag on Instagram) is the hashtag for the ongoing challenge over at the German PenExchange forum for July & August 2020. Since I inked up all my pens for this challenge with all the 50+ blue inks I have I also want to share my snapshots here.


Colorverse Crystal Planet fit well to a vintage Brause Iserlohn pen with a, hmm ... err, mashed-in Montblanc 342 steel BB nib.



click on the pics to enlarge!


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