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Carene Ballpoint Issue


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I bought an amber carene BP from a well known auction site.

When it arrived today I went to put in a refill but the cap just keeps spinning without unscrewing. It is the version with the cap which turns 180 degrees to extend the ballpoint.


Is there any way to repair this?


Thanks for your time.

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Hi Force,
Thanks for replying.
The problem is that if the pen is put together without a ballpoint refill in, then the cap can not be unscrewed as it is the refill which stops the threads in the cap from spinning.
I have 6 or 7 other carene BP and was lucky enough to be able to take one apart and figure out how it works.
I fixed it with a length of fine stainless steel wire (motorcycle lock wire), doubles up to provide a cam surface, and put in through the hole in the end where the ballpoint pokes out, to stop the mechanism spinning. I was then able to unscrew the cap (with a bit of mucking about to get the wire to lock against the cam in the cap) and return it to service.

Now with a refill put in it now works perfectly and can be easily taken apart to put a new refill in.
The moral of the story is I guess, don't put a carene ballpoint together without a refill. I never would have guessed that no refill would cause this problem.

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Very ingenious and laterally thought out.


Also, not a lot of people might know this but as with all Waterman BP's the cap can be pulled straight off.


From there you can unscrew the insert.



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Ha ha ha. I was afraid of breaking the pen.

That would have been a bit easier I suppose.

Thanks for your explanation. I will remember this now.

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