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Hello Folks,


I haven't received this pen yet. It has "Original HB Bohler" inscription on the cap side but no HB jewel nor is it a flat top.

From what i can see, the nib:


Lions head insignia (Rupp)

14k 585


a circle with "30"-something- in it with a triangle on both sides and one below said circle. If anyone is a computer wiz and knows how to clarify and magnify photos... :D


I'm told its a Super flex nib, pen of celluloid from the 1950's and needs to be re-corked but the piston works fine, also there are no cracks.

Its body appears similar to an Osmia or Faber Castell c.1950. Also, most Bohlers i've had or seen have a Degussa nib.



Could it be referring to the tipping material?

Is anyone familiar with nibs stamped "OSMIUM" or can anyone id the pen model?


Who would you trust to re-cork the pen? Thoughts on filling it with RODI water for a week then boiling some 100% silicone in water and let that sit to condition the cork-work?


Many thanks-in-advance for your time and consideration.







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it must be a Bohler pen, perhaps Bohler Original? I was only aware of Bohler gold and glorex, though there must've been a mid-grade pen


Have you ever seen a nib stamped "OSMIUM"?


any insight would be awesome.


At the very least... this 'post' adds to the few 'bohler posts' out there.


thanks for the opportunity

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