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Visconti Michelangelo Grande Le Double Reservoir Filling Problem

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Hi all


I've read that the Visconti limited edition double reservoir pens hold 'a ton of ink'. How much is 'a ton of ink'? Subjective, I know, but I'd consider 'a ton' to be more than 0.6mls.


That's all that my limited edition Michelangelo Grande holds. 0.6mls.


I've just conducted an experiment by filling and emptying it 12 times in succession; each time (using an ink sample vial to get an accurate measurement) it has only filled 0.6 mls.


Here's my fill process....can anyone spot an error in this method?


I unscrew the blind cap with the nib pointing upwards

Pull out the plunger fully

Hold the pen nib down and depress the plunger fully just to check that the pen is completely empty.

Re-pull out the plunger fully.

Put the entire nib fully into the ink (so that the ink also covers 1/4 inch of the section)

Depress the plunger in one smooth, confident steady movement

Count to five (though I've also counted to ten, for good measure)

Remove the pen from the ink.

Wipe the section.

Hold the pen nib down

Close the blind cap.


Following that process, when I empty the pen into a sample vial, it contains just 0.6mls of ink. Not 0.6mls in the top reservoir, and a further ml or two in the main reservoir. Just 0.6mls in total.


Am I being a total numpty and missing something? Is there a way of releasing the ink from the main reservoir that I'm overlooking? I've tried unscrewing the blind cap and jiggling the plunger when the nib is pointing downwards...no joy. I've tried unscrewing the blind cap, jiggling the plunger and trying to move ink from the main reservoir with the pen held horizontally...no joy. The main reservoir seems to be completely empty.


Or is a 'ton of ink' 0.6mls and I just have unreasonable expectations?


Ideas, anyone?

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Vac fillers work best when you depress the plunger quickly. If you are taking longer than half a second to depress it, then just do it faster. Different pen, but my Pilot 823 won't fill properly unless I depress the plunger very quickly. I'd try to be more aggressive with it (just don't hurt the pen).

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