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Ruth Feiertag
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I have a vintage Lifelong Pen in need of a new nib. Does anyone know where I might get one?


Thanks for any help anyone can give me!





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The missing parts appear to be....


The Nib

The Feed (most likely made of black hard rubber which the nib sits on and is slid into the black peice, called the section)

A Sac (which holds the ink and is compressed by raising the lever, and then fills when lever is lowered.


The feed and nib need to be a very specific size to fit in the "section" and you may need to send your pen to someone who restores old pens. They may have a nib/feed which will fit, but most likely will not be the "lifelong" brand.


If you google "fountain pen repair", you should bring up several listings.


Other than the green ink staining, that is a rather nice looking pen; you should enjoy it once it is fixed.


Best of luck Ruth.

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