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Replacement Golden Arrow For Parker 61


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Hello everybody

I am trying to find either a replacement or exact drawings with dimensions for the golden arrow missing from a Parker 61. Any idea where I can find such item?


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No drawings around that I know of, and the arrows in general, let alone gold ones, are really hard to find now....


I asked around about having a die made so that I could punch them myself, but reached the conclusion that the cost for the die would be hard to recover, even before adding the cost of the gold plated sheet stock.

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With a photo and a 61 in hand, a friend of mine was able to get a replacement made by a local jeweler.



Thats remarkable. I have had these arrows/darts become detached in the past and refitting them into the hood has always been an ordeal, never been 100% happy with the result because any adhesive has tended to lift the dart our of the recess.

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If one had the exact dimensions making a fairly good copy is not impossible or prohibitly expensive. If any of the forum members would be kind enough to make a pencil trace or at least take a good photos of the arrow from the top it would help everybody.

These days with 3d printing many solutions are easier to achieve. One could make a 3d print and have it gold plated or even painted.

I have even bought several Chinese fountains pens with similar arrow trying to stick their arrow on the pen, but they are not the same shape or size. (oddly enough those pens turned out to be very good if not excellent writers, shape to break them really).

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