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Review Of My Latest From Newton Pens - The Purple Majestic


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This review is for my latest pen from Shawn Newton of Newton Pens. I have two other pens that he has created for me over the last few years. The first was the subject of a previous review. https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/309902-my-experience-with-newton-pens/. I told Shawn that I would write a review for this one, so here it goes. I will add pictures below, but for a good one from Shawn’s Instagram account, see here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B1okkgPheEt/.


I should start by saying that this pen was a creation that was several years in the making. It was not my grail pen, but one of those “if I can ever find it” type of pens that I had in my head. I have been to enough shows over the years to know I would never see in real life what was in my mind, so I decided to design it myself. I described the vision and Shawn got it right on all levels.


Color and Material

The color and material deserve a bit of explanation. It is custom dark purple made of ebonite. When you see the picture from Shawn’s Instagram account, you see the purple of the color as it appears when under the lights. When you see my pictures below, it looks much darker—almost black. This result is intentional. I wanted a purple that was so dark that it looked like it was black until you get close to it. When I described the color I wanted, I described it as being like Private Reserve’s Ebony Purple ink. My pictures are taken in the normal light of a work office and you can see the “natural” look of the color. The point is the effect is exactly right. If I am using it at my desk, most people would just think it is a regular black pen, but it is really much more.


Nib and Clip

The nib is titanium and has a cursive italic grind. Very smooth and easily to use. I chose the titanium because I did not have any in my collection. Also, I wanted it to go well with the clip. The clip is also a custom design using the lion’s head as the centerpiece. The use of titanium for the nib just made sense to create the feel of the pen I wanted – majestic.



The pen itself is the Majestic from Newton Pens. Although I have a number of brands in my collection, I am partial to the shape of my Montblancs. I asked Shawn for something close to my Montblanc 149 in shape and size, and the Majestic fits the bill. The size is a Large. The Majestic is the closest shape to the Montblanc, but it is not the same. It is a bit thicker in the barrel, which works for me.


General comments:

So overall, what I created with the combination of the color, style, nib and clip, was what I call my “Purple Majesty.” Again, the concept has been in my head for years. Shawn made it real. The filling system is a piston, which is also a new style of piston from Shawn and works very smoothly. In the pictures below, I include a comparison with a Montblanc 149 and Pelikan M1000 for size purposes. The brown pen in the comparison photos is also a Newton original that Shawn designed around an old Montblanc 146 nib I had acquired in the late 90s. Like my other two, it operates as well as any of my pens from other “well-known” brands.


I’ll conclude by commenting on a couple of points that might be of consideration for someone thinking about getting a pen from Newton Pens. For a custom pen, expect to be patient because there is a long wait time for a pen. The wait time for this pen was about 16 months. For me, the wait time has an advantage. I am at a point in my collecting life where I have the main ones that I have always wanted, so I am not in need of any pens and I have the luxury of waiting for what I want. This ability to wait helps for the second point. A Newton Pen with a custom color, clip and piston filler is not cheap, although it is still less expensive than the retail of several top brands. The advantage of being able to wait for production of the pen is it makes the expense far more manageable. The wait time provides plenty of time to save money so it is there when Shawn is ready to do the work. Obviously, it is a personal choice, but for me, it has just been a matter of thinking about the extra money I would waste on fast food and other vices each week and putting it away for my pens. If you have been thinking about getting a Newton Pen, just start the conversation with Shawn about what you want and then the rest will take care of itself.






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