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Two Lovely Little ‘50S Boston Pens - What A Pair!

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After getting my old Boston pen repaired, the sac lasted 3 months :-( . Since then Ive used it as a dip pen. It writes gloriously, at least I think it does. Only one store in Holland is able to repair pens like this and a couple of weeks ago I had to be in that city and dropped off the pen for another sac repair. As fate will have it, they had another vintage Boston for sale, a blue one, fully restored and ready to rock. I passed, because I have enough pens and am already suffering from option anxiety on which ones to ink up... but I talked about that pen when I got home.


Yesterday my wife had to be in the same city and she picked up the repaired pen for me. As a wonderful surprise, she also bought the blue one (yes, I know, my wife is totally great). I did a backflip when she gave it to me.




Theyre small button fillers. I mean really small so they absolutely need to be posted. But when posted, they somehow fit like a glove. I can write for hours without any fatigue.




The nibs are very, very soft 14k gold and theyre subtly different: the blue one has a slightly larger nib and feed. The nib on the grey one is softer and shows subtle line variation when writing normally. With a little bit of pressure, its line width ranges from western EF to western M. I adore these little nibs!



^For reference Ive added a Sailor Pro Gear Slim 14k H-MF which writes rather a fine line.






They dont make em like this anymore...


The history of Boston is sketchy. Lambrous book devotes a short paragraph to it and the accompanying photo shows 5 wonderful examples of Boston pens. Its a small and short-lived Dutch company that apparently had the pens made in the UK and/or Germany. The pens were certainly not high-end, but from a writing point of view they are my favourite vintage pens.


PS Id like to clean the clip of the blue one. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

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(Apologies for the lack of apostrophes in the above post. I work mostly from an iPad and this happens as a result of some kind of glitch between iOS and the FPN forum softeare. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it does not.)

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That blue one in particular is quite lovely. Congratulations!

And congratulations on your choice of spouses -- my husband has flat out told me he will never buy me a pen for fear of getting "the wrong one".... But at least he didn't cringe *too* much at either of the pen shows I dragged him to (DCSS before they moved from the old hotel site in Tysons Corners, and the Triangle Pen Show a couple of summers ago when it coinsided with our 30th anniversary) even when I bought stuff in the Saturday auctions at both shows (Red Shadow Wave Vac at DCSS, and a UK production Navy Grey 51 Aerometric with an OM or OB nib at the other show). :rolleyes:

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

"It's very nice, but frankly, when I signed that list for a P-51, what I had in mind was a fountain pen."

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