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A Pair Of Conway Stewart Need Help...


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I received a pair of CS, a ballpoint 95 and a fountain pen 150.





I love these models, esp. the ballpoint.


And folks, I need your help.......


For the ballpoint, I can't fine the refill in Hong Kong, I tried many similar refills but the metal points are too big that cannot be used. Any recommendations for getting any compatible refill anyway?


I saw a thread here below saying that 2 refills may fit.




Anyone tried before?, as I need to order form Cultpens and if the model doesn't fit, then the $$$ is gone...







For the fountain pen, the sac is broken and the original metal cover is rusted and so the seller used a silicon sac instead. Now the pen cannot be washed and the ink is difficult to be filled. Any recommendations that I can find a replacement?




Thank you very much for your opinions..... ^_^


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I think that the pen should be marked as Conway 150, this pen wasnt Conway Stewarts finest hour, poor quality materials and construction with a press bar filler that rusted very easily.


A few years ago these pens sold for a few pounds, unwanted and unloved. I have just looked on eBay on your behalf to see if you could find a replacement pen but they are silly money, at least for Buy it Now.


I think what you are saying is that the press bar filler is absent and that you dont want to fill the pen by squeezing the silicon sac. I would doubt that you can find a replacement press bar filler. For sources of a replacement sac try:



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Anyway, thanks for your reply, Beechwood.

Yet I dont feel the pen are in poor quality.


Wow, yes! I came across a stationery shop tonight and I can get the Schmidt 700M refill mentioned in the captioned post.


It works! Just maybe 1mm shorter, but really not a problem.

And I restore the ballpoint pen with Tamiya compound, etc.


Love it! Looks terrific!

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