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Help On Clip Replacement.


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I'm trying to get this unknown pen from a pen lot purchase back in working order. Unfortunately, the clip is broken off. Also, the clip slot is perpendicular to the barrel and it seems that a s shaped clip would work as a replacement. When I took out the inner cap a small tab fell out which I assume is what held the clip in place. However, I don't know what these types of clips are called and therefore can't search for them. If anyone can help, or knows of a source for these types of clips, it would be appreciated.


Is there a parts exchange somewhere, that I could post a request? Or Do I have to wait for the next pen show to scrounge in the junk pen piles? I guess I would want a no name clip so not to confuse the issue, if I ever get it repaired.


It has "Arrow" written on the lever and a Signature 4 Made In USA Nib (See pics). With the clip missing I have no other information, so I can't be certain about the make of the pen. When I search for arrow pens all I get is Parker variants.






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You find a slot like that when the manufacturer used what we call a "Z" clip. One end of the Z is the clip that you see on the outside. the other end is the metal tab that fell out when you took the inner cap out. They're common enough, and next to the washer clips found on Parker products, are about the easiest to replace.


To replace one you pull the inner cap, clean the cap, put the new clip and then the inner cap, making sure that the flat spot on the inner cal lines up with the tab on the clip.

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