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Jinhao 992 Review


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I've searched the forum review index and didn't find a review, so I decided to make one.

Images: https://imgur.com/a/JDIUWms


I ordered this pen from AliExpress for €1, with shipping and after it came and I tried it, I ordered another one for a friend.


The pen is too good for it's price, and the only issue I've had is that one of the pens came with a small crack that made it leak when shaken forcefully. The cracked pen has been in my backpack and my pocket, and it didn't leak even a tiny bit when carried around and it hasn't leaked while writing.


It's a demonstrator pen, that comes with a rubber ring, so that you could use it as an eyedropper.

Although you don't have to use it as an eye dropper, because you can use international standard cartridges or use the international standard converter, which it does come with


I've tried using it as an eyedropper too, and it worked without any issues. It doesn't leak from the barrel or anything like that.


The nib is pretty stiff, even for a steel non flex nib, but it writes pretty smooth, although not as smooth as a Pilot Metropolitan. I expected it to be a lot toothier for that price, but I was very surprised when I started writing with it.

The nib says F on it for fine, but it is a fair bit thicker than a Metro M nib.


The nib and feed are inside a plastic barrel (that plastic barrel is the thing that cracked a bit), and that plastic barrel is screwed into the plastic where you hold the pen while writing.


The pen posts wonderfully because it's pretty lightweight. I haven't had any problem with the cap falling off while posted, but I don't really shake my pen a lot while writing.


The only marking on the pen is the Jinhao etching in the metal part of the cap which can hardly be seen, and the Jinhao block letters on the handle of the ink converter that it comes with.


All in all a pretty nice pen, especially for the price, even tho one came with a crack it still wrote nicely and I haven't had a problem with it.


I'm still stunned, that it's cheaper to buy this pen that comes with a standard international converter, than to buy a standard international converter from AliExpress. Even if the pen is broken when you get it, you get a converter for €1, and that's very nice.




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Very nice. Writes quite well from what you've shown (nice to see equations -I'm a science Prof.) The nib will write even nicer with time. But they are also fun nibs to tune a bit -check for instructions here. Just a touch and it'll match your Pilot. But find and follow instructions; don't try using brown paper bags or other silly ideas.


Still good, for the price. Hard to resist giving one a try, isn't it? Nice pen to have, as you can afford to lose it.


Don't try to glue the crack shut, but please do fill it with a putty-like sealer just to be safe. I've seen such cracks suddenly let ink go all over the place. A mess, and a waste of good ink (such as Pelikan).


Let the seller know of the crack, and likely, they'll send you another, as they should in all fairness. Let them know you've posted a good review here, too. Most of these sellers are fair people.


Post more when you get another pen! Thanks!


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I just got my pair of 992's, along with a couple of Swan clips which for some reason (maybe new stock?) had much nicer nibs - they got swapped in. They provide very smooth writing - though I also got the Jinhao 51a in resin (super expensive ;)) and love that too - that got the best nib and feels a bit nicer in the hand (as well as looking much nicer for a carry pen).


The writing experience is similar - that's to say very good, but not exciting.


Talking about the nibs - apparently the Wing Sung 9133 is almost the same pen - but with extra metal to solve the cracking issues, and also a much nicer Wing Sung nib (more feedback) though the price was very slightly higher. Not that it makes much difference at this price range.

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