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Vintage Montblanc 221 Piston And End Knob Compatibility With Montblanc 22


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Hi Montblanc enthusiasts,


I'm not much of a Montblanc expert nor do I own any of their modern pens. What I do have is a vintage Montblanc 22 with a broken piston mechanism. The rod in the end cap is broken and stuck inside the piston, which is itself also broken. Thus, the only way to use the pen would be to jam the piston in and use the pen as an eyedropper. However, I've met a person who has spare parts left from a vintage piston filling Montblanc 221. It looks like the parts might fit in my pen in place of the broken parts, but I wanted to ask you guys if anyone knows whether the parts would fit or not beforehand.


Thanks for any help!

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Having taken apart both, the parts are definitely different. There is at least a decade between the designs and the 22x series are a new design. If you were able to make it work, I think it would be a bodge and not long lasting.

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