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Platinum Izumo Yakumo Byakudan Maki-E


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This review is more of a pictorial representation of a pen that I believe is not represented well on the internet. Some months ago I fell for a maki-e technique called byakudan-nuri. See my other post on a Danitrio with a similar finish.

Here is what Platinum has to say about this pen.


"Byakudan-nuri is named from its body color changing overtime being similar to Byakudan incense wood (sandalwood) used in Kodo (traditional incense ceremony). The traditional Japanese technique has been passed on through generations.Yakumo, the floating clouds painted on the ceiling of Izumo Shrine, is used as a motif. The arising sea of clouds and the sky are painted on the barrel. It is a fountain pen featured in deep color of makie providing a mystic impression."


48555112486_6dd7c0a4b9_k.jpgIMG_2622 by Ja Ja, on Flickr

48555112031_d42c6e3af5_k.jpgIMG_2625 by Ja Ja, on Flickr


Anyway, byakudan-nuri is a neat maki-e technique that looks rather unassuming until you get it in the light and then it appears to glow from within. It’s a sophisticated aesthetic.


48555254537_b794e0f4aa_k.jpgIMG_2626 by Ja Ja, on Flickr

48555111531_48ad083d8b_k.jpgIMG_2627 by Ja Ja, on Flickr


I was drawn to this particular pen but, to be frank, it appeared, based on online photos, that the quality of the maki-e left something to be desired. Consequently, I never pulled the trigger. Once I got the Danitrio, however, I knew I had to take a chance on this pen. Boy am I glad I did.


48555110826_8c5f6d3ceb_k.jpgIMG_2630 by Ja Ja, on Flickr

48555110496_78f8d10757_k.jpgIMG_2632 by Ja Ja, on Flickr

48555110276_92fb2239bb_k.jpgIMG_2633 by Ja Ja, on Flickr


This pen is a stunner and references an interesting temple that is periodically rebuilt so it has a cool back story. There is visual and tactile maki-e over a byakudan base so there is a little more going on than with the Danitrio I also posted about. The byakudan-nuri here has a slightly different effect (copper foil versus gold dust basement?) but it still has that magical inner glow. I hope you get a good sense of the beauty of this pen here, I really tried to capture it better than anything else I’ve seen online.


48555112331_58605f4fbe_k.jpgIMG_2623 by Ja Ja, on Flickr


I ordered the pen with a cosu or course nib, which is really a fat almost double broad. It’s a fun nib and the pen is a perfect writer; I mean freaking magical. There is no real line variation, it just writes a juicy consistent line the first time every time. The nib is very stiff but no pressure is needed at all so it does not matter. I just love the Izumo pens, they are totally amazing and I think under appreciated. There are three Izumo in my collection now and each is its own version of writing perfection.


48555253917_f33b11135f_k.jpgIMG_2628 by Ja Ja, on Flickr

48555110996_a8f44e446a_k.jpgIMG_2629 by Ja Ja, on Flickr

48570464652_82369f085d_h.jpgwriting samples by Ja Ja, on Flickr


48555252722_a689a911fa_k.jpgIMG_2634 by Ja Ja, on Flickr

48555109941_57bfe150a7_k.jpgIMG_2635 by Ja Ja, on Flickr

48555109561_74dc60b837_k.jpgIMG_2636 by Ja Ja, on Flickr

48555108831_1fe6990852_k.jpgIMG_2638 by Ja Ja, on Flickr

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Congratulations on two very beautiful pens!

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A beautiful Izumo! I have two of them, and this is the one I would like to find next. Thanks for the great pictures!

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