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... Nakaya vs Other FPs ? ...


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The Takumi is apparently fine as an ED, it's the Hanryo (the next size down) that has metal threads in there. IIRC.


Whoops, I think you are correct! I get the names confused, thanks for the correction, Goodyear!



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RE: Dani Urushi prices? I'm almost positive that I paid just under $400 for my green urushi Densho frin Winedoc.


RE: Dani EF nibs. I've got two flexy EF's and they're superb. I don't have a stiff EF to compare, unfortunately. Like any EF's, they are sensitive, but very nice pens. I have my EF-nibbed, eyedropper Wakasa-Nuri filled today with Aurora black and it's great. That ED holds a ton of ink and the safety shut-off allows great flow control. One thing I also agree with a recent poster on was that I don't like Nakaya's inability to offer an ED.



Hi Skip


I hope I am not driving you crazy.

Is the Winedoc (excuse my ignorance in not knowing who he is) internetpens.net??

If so the pen you got must have been on special.


Thanks you so much for all your help.


I just checked, and nobody has answered yet, but, yes, internetpens.net is winedoc.


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I love the clean lines of the long Cigar model with the Kuro-tamenuri finish, BUT the one major thing that keeps me from pulling the trigger (besides the wife :ltcapd:) is that it is a cart/convertor pen. Now after spending so much time with Pelikans I do not think I could go back to a non-piston pen for a day to day pen and at that level of funds it would have to be a pick up and use everyday type of pen to justify the cost. Its one thing to pick up a M205 for $60 because it is fun to see it work, but its another to spend $500 on a pen that is not fun to fill. Just my humble thoughts.

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For the same $price, would you opt for a Nakaya rather than another brand and why ?


Nakaya fountain pens are probably great, but their warranty isn't. The conditions are the same as for Platinum pens and it's probably one of the worst warranties around (only one year!).

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