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Nib Sheath On A Majestic Pen


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I got a majestic pen out of a junk box at the DC pen show. It is really cool black stripes over purple marble.

However, it seems to have a replacement nib with a rubber sheath around it. Without the sheath the feed doesn't fit the pen.

See the picture. The nib has and engraved oval with CHJ or CHI 14k in it. What type of nib is this?


So my questions are: is this a common practice when putting replacement nibs in vintage pens, and what is used for the sheath? It could be part of a sac, or some heat shrink material. Does the sheath impact the ink flow? When you do this can the sheath be trimmed back a little to show more of the nib?


BTW. 8 fixer upper pens for $50. Four had gold nibs (Wing-Flow 3 and 4s). The Majestic, Two Esterbrook Js, An Epenco, A Parkette, A nameless bulb filler, and a nameless not sure of the filling system. I'm having fun.


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I've never seen that done. It's ghetto as hell looking, but I can't see it hurting anything unless it's an bonding filled heat shrink (not likely) and seems prone to causing all sorts of air exchanged and leaking problems.


I'd just take it apart and find a nib/feed that fits.

Selling a boatload of restored, fairly rare, vintage Japanese gold nib pens, click here to see (more added as I finish restoring them)

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