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I Have A Mont Blanc But Which One?

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Hello Mont Blanc aficionados,


I have been given a 2nd hand Mont Blanc and would love to know what model it is etc so thought what better place to find out than the Fountain Pen Network.


I have attached photos which I hope are enough to identify it. Any help Kindly appreciated.










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Sorry It is a fake one,the fakest... :yikes: :crybaby:


~ kiwirico:


With regret, I must concur with the frank comment by Mr.Rene.

I'm sorry that you received a fraudulent Montblanc.

May you someday have the pleasure of writing with a genuine Montblanc.

Tom K.

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Erik Dalton

I once bought a genuine Omega Seamaster watch on the waterfront in Naples Italy. He took all i had ($35). In my wallet. The guy put the watch up to my ear, and i swear i heard it tick. When i got back to my ship and showed off my prize, the laughter from my crew was deafening. Anyone can buy a fake. Don’t feel bad. If you can get your money back, you should.

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yeah, once when traveling , i went to the Orange County Flea Market



'i found not one but two Mont Blanc Ball Points , I did not own any others at the time, but the price was right

Why I even checked the refills to make sure, after all they would'nt put MB refills in a counterfit pen

or would they.

I put one up for sale on this board and boy 'o boy i found out quickly, too

it is lessons like these that sharpen you up.






















Tom Heath


Peace be with you . Hug your loved ones today

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Thank you for taking the time to answer my query gents. All good though as I didn't pay for it otherwise I would be very upset!


No wonder I couldn't find it in a google search!





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Now you should try a real Mont Blanc and feel the difference.

You will feel the difference in your hands...and in your wallet... :D :thumbup:

Edited by Mr.Rene
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You will feel the difference in your hands...and in your wallet... :D :thumbup:


@Mr.Rene, unless he buys a preloved 146, assuming it's authentic of course.

"Storyteller, unfold thy words untold!"

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