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Manu Propria Shibui Neoro Nuri With Raden


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Manu Propria is the atelier of Martin Pauli of Berne, Switzerland. Martin is a serious student of Japanese urushi styles and techniques and a highly skilled artisan. His pens are all handmade by him alone, thus his brand name which translates to "my own hand."


I received my first of Martin's pens just today, and I am delighted with the aesthetics, the quality of workmanship and the ergonomics of this gorgeous pen. I want to share a few photos, just because I think the pen is so exceptionally beautiful.


I am aware that I am posting this in the Japan-Asia forum, and that Switzerland in in Europe. But the pen is more in the Japanese tradition, so ... If the moderators would dispute my judgement, they can move this posting as they feel appropriate. Nuff said. Here are some photos:












P.S. Typo in topic title noted. "Neoro" should obviously be "Negoro."

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Cool, thanks for sharing. I saw a bunch of these on sale at Itoya in Ginza, Tokyo so I reckon these belong on this forum. :-)

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