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New Waterman Quill Pen For Desk, Now What Is It?


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Ignore the pen at the top of the picture, it was an easy one to figure out.

The quill at the bottom has a number 2 nib, double bands top and bottom, and the extension at the opposite end as the nib screws in and out.

For a basic test, I dipped it, but did not flex too hard because the nib is untuned and is a bit toothy yet.

Unsurprisingly, the sac is toast, it is very hard. The body (the length between the section and the screw in extension) is 3 and 5/16th long. The length

from nib tip to tapered end is 8 inches long. The base is gold veined black marble with green felt underneath with the Waterman label.



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It is apart. It had a nice, but uninformative barrel print. The Sac that came out looks original, and had the Waterman name on it.

The feed is interesting, as it is a two part feed, with a machined and slotted outer sleeve, and an inner part which had the ink channels in it.

I am very used to one piece feeds with all the number 2 nib pens I have refurbished.



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